Developing Apps Has Never Been So Easy!

Create mobile games or media rich interactive apps like books, prototypes, and more with no coding.

Powerful Tools to Build Apps, Not Just Mockups.

Import custom graphics, drag and drop behaviors, and then submit to the App Store!

Fully Featured Drag and Drop Editor

Import graphics, sounds, and fonts. Then use the intuitive drag and drop interface to put your scenes together.

Instant Previews

Instantly run your project right on the iPad without waiting for compiling, dealing with complicated software, security keys, or hardware.

Build with Layers

Organize your scene into layers for easy navigation, and separate objects to create unique experiences.

Import with Dropbox

Link your project with Dropbox to import and manage your assets from any device running Dropbox, including your Mac or PC!

Powerful Visual Behaviors

Connect actions and events to create a flowchart of your app's logic. The powerful behaviors can be used to create a wide variety of apps ranging from mobile games to interactive books.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

Create amazing apps without writing a single line of code. The flowchart of actions and events makes it easy to construct your app’s logic.

Object Based

Every object in your scene can have it’s own behaviors. You can manipulate individual objects, or groups of objects with tags.

Motion Tweens

Create animations with motion based behaviors. Choose from 18 popular tweening options like linear, bounce, sine, and more!

Robust Engine

Apps created with hyperPad are powered by the most popular graphics and physics engines. Your creations share the same robust engine used by the most popular mobile games and interactive apps.


Cocos2D is a powerful and robust graphics engine capable of handling a wide variety of objects, animations, and effects.

Chipmunk Physics

Add Chipmunk’s rigid body physics to your app with no coding. Create apps ranging from physics simulations to games like Angry Birds.

60 FPS

All your projects are capable of running at 60 FPS, calling all animations, effects and movements to be buttery smooth.

Go Pro

Get more features and make money with your apps. Become a PRO.

Code When You Need It

Export your app as an Xcode project and use Objective-C or Swift along with our APIs to manipulate objects in your scene.

Obj-C or Swift

Build Native Apps

Imaccode Ipadcode1

Make Money

Export your project to the App Store as a native iPad app, and start making money.

Native iOS Apps

Export as a native iPad app, to be sold in the Apple App Store.

Ad Revenue

Earn money using iAds or Google Admob. Without writing a single line of code, include banner ads, or full screen interstitial ads like videos.

In-App-Purchases Coming Soon

Effortlessly add in-app-purchases with a virtual currency or purchasable items.


Download hyperPad on the iPad

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Become a Pro

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